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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Vinland Solutions Organization?

We are a group of programmers dedicated to the promotion and production of open source software. For more details see the About and Philosophy pages.

Will ALL your software be licensed as open source?

The vast majority of our publicly released software will be released as both free and open source, but we always reserve the right to release any product under any license we decide is most appropriate. Some software may not be released as open source and we may occasionally release a piece of paid software, but these will be the exceptions, not the rule.

Can I donate to Vinland Solutions Organization?

Currently we are not excepting donations. If you have money burning a whole in your virtual pocket and really want us to tell you how to spend it, then go check out Rifftrax, the successor to Mystery Science Theater 3000, and buy something or simply give them a donation.

What programming languages do the Vinland Solutions Team use?

The Vinland Solutions Team is experienced with C#, VisualBasic.NET, Managed C++, C++, Python, and HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP. However, we specialize in quickly learning new languages when the need or opportunity arises.

What Operating Systems do Vinland Solutions Products support?

Our software is primarily developed on and for Windows systems, but some products also support certain Linux distros. Apple Macintosh Operating Systems are not, and will not, be supported outside of rare situations where mono inherently allows it. We also, with rare exceptions, do not make software for iOS, Android, or other operating systems that focus heavily on so called App Stores, such as Windows Universal Apps.

Why will Apple Macintosh Operating Systems not be supported?

Apple Macintosh is a Monopoly. They require you to use their hardware, OS, and software and don't allow you to use just one of them alone. When Vinland Solutions Team Members can walk into a store, buy the Apple Macintosh OS, and install it on any computer we choose, then we will consider supporting their OS. If, for whatever reason, you are stuck using a Mac and would still like to use our products then there are various web resources available describing ways to run windows applications on Mac OS.

Why will app store software not be supported?

To be exceedingly blunt, app stores are counter to the concepts of freedom of expression. If whatever entity that runs the app store deems your software to be "controversial", "offensive", or in some other way inappropriate, then they can ban it and thereby restrict a developer's free expression. With the entire web at the fingertips of anyone with an internet connection, it is ridiculous for users to be restricted to one place where they can easily acquire software.

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